Kurtz Emergency Services unveils new and improved website

With business expanding and services growing, Kurtz decided that it was time for a refresher of sorts. Since their website started in 2008, the hub for information was logical, but not as useful as it could be. With new internal hiring and fresh perspectives, Kurtz has been able to re-brand their family owned-business, allowing their services to flourish without limits. By means of a newly redesigned website, current customers, clients, employees, future employees, and more are able to discover what was not available before.

Customers can learn more about the history of Kurtz, and the evolution from the beginning to now. Clients can check out a photo gallery of ambulances and learn more about their services. Employees can access EMS Manager, a third- party site that maintains their schedule and posts updates. Future Employees can check open positions, download an application, and submit it through email. The staff also plans to start incorporating social media as well as multi-media videos in order to aesthetically and visually please their audience and future subsidiaries.

With business expanding, so is the need to cater to multiple markets, and that is exactly what Kurtz is implementing.

Make sure to bookmark the new Kurtz website www.kurtzems.com.